You asked for it and we delivered – You can now get custom product alerts to your email! (and on the feature's dashboard)

Here's how it works:

First of all, you need to create a new alert by clicking on the green "New Alert" button.

New Alert

This will open a small white popup - Give a name to your custom alert, and choose your preferred product research app.

Note: You can only choose one product research app per a single alert. You can always create a new alert and choose a different product research app with the same filters.

For this example, I’ll choose to get my alerts from Ecomhunt Classic.

Ecomhunt alert keywords

As you can see in the picture above, another section have appeared asking me to type my preferred keywords with some additional optional filters.

The optional filters for Ecomhunt Classic are Retail Price and Net Margin – Different apps have different filters, so explore a bit to see what you can get 😉

Ecomhunt alerts custom filters

I'm using 3 keywords which are related to the niches I dropship in the most, and I didn't set any conditions using the available filters.

And by clicking the Save button, my new custom product alert is now saved and ready to alert me when a new product pops up!

Ecomhunt Alerts new Custom alert created

My new custom alert is now active and I'll receive email notifications when a new product I'm interested in appears on Ecomhunt Classic.

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