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[New Feature] Ecomhunt Tracker - Find Your Next Winning Product Before Anyone Else!
[New Feature] Ecomhunt Tracker - Find Your Next Winning Product Before Anyone Else!
Written by Daniel A
Updated over a week ago

Track performance over time & monitor sales to find the next big opportunities before anyone else.

Ecomhunt Tracker lets you monitor the sales of ANY product on Aliexpress and track each product’s performance.

Our tracker will help you recognize when a product is starting to pick up, so you can quickly import it to your store and sell it before anyone else.

For each product you track, you will get the sales and wish data in the last 7 & 30 days.

For the more detailed daily data, click the current product you’re already tracking and see the graph.

Switch between sales, wish, growth, and reviews to know exactly how the product performs on Aliexpress and if you should sell it on your store.

For example:

If a product is getting lots of sales but barely any reviews, then that means another dropshippers is dropshipping it. (Dropshippers don’t leave reviews)

So now you know someone is making money with this product and you should try and sell it too!


When you add a product to your tracking list, it will begin tracking from the day it was added if it’s not in our database. This means that it will take some time for it to report back the actual growth over time as it’s a totally new product.

If you’re tracking a new product for only a week and it has already made 200 sales, then the stats will show the last 7 and 30 days with the same amount of sales. It will only change after you track the product for more than a month.

If the product is already in our database, then we will automatically show you the past data for it so you can see the accurate growth over time and all the other data.

To use Ecomhunt Tracker, all you need is a regular account. Click the green Get Started button and sign in using your account details.

Now you can add your first Aliexpress product to start tracking it. Please allow 24 hours for our system to collect the data.

Coming Soon:

Facebook ads tracker & Shopify store tracker!

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