Ecomhunt analytics

See the last 24 hours performance for each product on Ecomhunt.

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Ecomhunt analytics is here to help you decide if you should test the product and when you should test it!

We update all the Ecomhunt products analytics on a daily basis - that's right every 24 hours.

πŸ’Έ Look for the green bar products πŸ’Έ
​Our metrics:

  • Google trend

  • Aliexpress interest

  • Low visits

  • Margin score

​Google trend - Once a day, we update each product's score based on it's current Google trend score. A full green bar means the product is trending right now, and it's in high demand. A lot of people are searching for it on Google, and your task is to help them find it πŸ˜‰.
​AliExpress interest - Use this metric to know exactly how the product performs on AliExpress! Our smart algorithm takes the sales, growth, wish trend, and combines them together to give you its current AliExpress interest score. Like the Google trend score, the more green you see the better!

Low visits - Know exactly the number of visits for each product on Ecomhunt. A full green bar means the current product wasn't visited by too many sellers. If you're looking for currently untapped products with great potential, then this filter is exactly what you need.

Margin score - We listed all the Ecomhunt products margins and we are calculating the margin score for each one of them. The higher the better!

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