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What Is Dropshipping?
What Is Dropshipping?
Written by Daniel A
Updated over a week ago

Almost everything you buy, in physical and online stores, was bought at a much cheaper price and sold to you for a higher price.

This is the most common selling strategy - Buy Low, Sell High.

Dropshipping has the same selling strategy but it's much more efficient because you don't need to hold any stock!

Instead of buying the merchandise and shipping it to us, we buy it but ship it straight to our customer's address.

This is how it works:

*Pic showing how dropshipping works - need a cool design here*

This is what we gain by choosing the dropshipping business model:

  1. We don't need a place to store the products we buy - Sending it straight to our customer's address saves us a lot of money and logistical issues.

  2. We don't have to buy in stocks or spend a minimum amount of money - We can dropship a single product and send it to our customer. This again, saves us a lot of money!

  3. Almost risk free business model - There's no need to invest in a physical place to store our products. There's no need to spend money to buy stocks of different products. There's no need to pay a shipping company to ship your items or spend a lot of time doing it alone. No rent, no local business taxes, almost no upfront investments to hold you down!

  4. You can literally dropship from anywhere you want - Your office can be your room, your mom's garage, or even the beach as long you have internet connection ;)

You're about to discover the most cost-efficient real business model and jump into a constantly growing global market.

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