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High-Converting Product Page
High-Converting Product Page
Written by Daniel A
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Unfortunately, many Dropshippers don’t give enough attention to their product page. From the product title to the description, they sometimes keep it as it is on Aliexpress with a few extra words and then don't understand why they get zero sales...

You see, a product page must be PERFECT in order to get you sales. A customer won't proceed with the checkout process if the product page looks bad.

Bad named product titles, typos in the description and text photos, Lack on information about the product, no visible reviews, etc.

If you want to increase your overall conversion rate and finally get sales, then follow these 4 steps to create the perfect, high-converting product page.

1. Be Creative With Your Product Titles

A lot of Dropshippers are doing the same mistake over and over again which is using the same product title as seen on Aliexpress. No matter how cool and special the product you imported from Aliexpress, if you use the same boring and super long titles then your chances of getting sales will significantly drop.

In the business world, the first impression you leave counts the most and it’s what will decide if you can get the job or close a client. The first thing people visiting your store see are your product photos and your product title, so by using the same long and sometimes not-so-logical Aliexpress titles, the first impression you leave is bad.

To leave a good impression, we must be a bit more creative with our titles! One of the tips I always give to beginners is to imagine you’re creating a one product store for that specific product you’re trying to sell. So instead of a regular title name, “brand” it by giving it a cool name.

For example:

Let’s take a look at this oversized hoodie found on aliexpress – A really cool product most of you probably recognize from all the ads running around 1-3 years ago. First things first, we already know it’s a big NO-NO to use the same aliexpress title. So if we’re in a hurry, we can just use something like “Oversized Winter Hoodie” as our title and it will be “ok”. But then the first impression we're going to leave is also "ok", so take that into your consideration.

But if we “brand” it and use a name like “Lazy Blanket oversized winter hoodie”, “LazyCat oversized winter hoodie”, “Warmy oversized winter hoodie”, “Cozy overzied winter hoodie” for our title, then the first impression we leave is now much better and people will automatically think of it as a brand.

And we all know branding does a good job by taking regular products and suddenly transforming them into “premium” ones.

And if you’re already “branding” your product, then you can always edit your product photos and quickly slap your made up logo on each of them to boost your credibility😉


2. Edit Your Product Photos

There are 2 types of Aliexpress sellers:

The first type is what I like to call the “Lazy Sellers” – They have an Aliexpress store in which they sell their products and as long as they make sales, everything will stay the same. They barely update or add new products, the photos they provide are not that good and sometimes terrible. If you message them asking for videos or new photos, they’ll likely not even respond and so on…

The second type are the “Entrepreneur Sellers” – They constantly update their products and add new and cool products to sell. They provide superb quality product photos/videos, and if asked they’ll happily provide more. The best kind of sellers you can work with!

But there’s one thing in common which is their poor English and unfortunately for us, the English texts sometimes appear on the videos or the photos they provide.

Not once, when reviewing Shopify stores, I noticed that the photos the store owners used had some terrible typos on them. They thought if the photo quality is good, then the customers will ignore the typos and non-logical sentences like “Bright at night, good for viewers of your doggie!” (actual description for a dog collar product!!).

But unfortunately, this isn’t the case and a customer won’t like what he sees even if the products are of high quality really cool. So please pay attention to the media you import from aliexpress and edit it if necessary.

More Photo Product Tips:

  • Keep it consistent – Try to keep the same background color and photo size between all your photos. This makes your product page look more professional and your photos won’t be cropped and move the screen if they’re all the same size.

  • Keep it light – You don’t want your photos to be too heavy and load slowly right? This is why you should use JPEG files instead of PNG files. If necessary, you can always use free image compress services found online, or use a Shopify App to compress every photo on your store.

  • Import a few customer photos – It’s a good idea to show a few customer taken photos as well to gain more trust and to actually show that your customers are getting their orders. Social proof is always good for conversions!


3. Make Your Product Description Look Professional

The potential customer has seen your title, went through some of your product photos and now he’s about to scroll down and start reading the description. This is what I like to call the “money point” – From your product’s features to your store guarantees, everything needs to be perfect for the potential customer to add this product to his cart and proceed with the checkout process.

Here’s how your product page should look:

  1. Start with an opener – A few lines about your product and what it does accompanied by a call-to-action text. Take your time writing the opener, make it interesting and catchy. If there’s a holiday coming like Christmas, let people know your product can be a great gift for family or friends.

  2. Add photos, Gifs, videos to your description – Having a great video as an ad is cool but we should add more media to our description as well. You can upload a few photos to explain about your product features or how it works. Best if you can create a few short Gifs taken from the video or just by combining a few photos. If you don’t know how to create Gifs, you can always use free services online like or others. These online tools will be enough to create some cool Gifs you can then place in your description.

  3. Product features – Write about your product features – I usually organize these in a bulleted or numbered list. Write about the problems your product helps to solve, its many uses(indoors, outdoors), it’s safety, etc. One or two sentences per each feature.

  4. Product specifications – This is where you share the exact details of your product like size, weight, plug type, batteries, available colors, etc. If you forget an important detail, you can be sure the customer reading it will leave your store. If you forget to let them know your product needs x3 AAA batteries, then the users may look for it somewhere else on your page and when not found they’ll leave your store. Make sure to include EVERY detail.

  5. Guarantees & Shipping – Finish with your guarantees(30 days return, refund etc). A few sentences are enough. And lastly, include your average shipping times and explain a bit about the shipping process like tracking and how can they track their order(best if you have a built-in tracking page in your store).

Pro Tip: You can search for Shopify stores selling popular products and go through them learning how they organize their product descriptions.

Here’s how you can find shopify stores easily on google:

In the search bar type: “popular product name” followed by “intext:shopify”. It should look like this: halloween led mask intext:shopify

This way google will show you links to shopify stores having the keywords you type.


4. Finish With Reviews

The customer loved everything about your product and read your description so now before he buys, he would really love to read some reviews.

Did you know 91% of 18-34 year old consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? Or that consumers read an average of 10 online reviews before feeling able to trust a business – By BrightLocal

Reviews are an important part of every business, physical or online, and a must have to build trust with your customers and help them decide to buy the product you advertise. By having reviews on your product page, your conversion rate will definitely increase and people will be more willing to buy from your store.

For this you will need to install a review app from Shopify so you can import the reviews you need from Aliexpress or different sources. Apps like Ali Reviews, Loox, and others are fine to get the job done.

After reading this article and implementing all our tips, you can now sleep well at night knowing that your product page is now PERFECT.

You will not miss anymore sales due to a bad product page! 

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