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Increase Your Store’s Conversion Rate -Offering “Free Shipping”
Increase Your Store’s Conversion Rate -Offering “Free Shipping”
Written by Daniel A
Updated over a week ago

It's no secret customers around the world prefer not paying shipping at all.

This is why a Free Shipping deal on a product or on an entire store can be a great way to increase your store's conversion rate.

If you're running a Free Shipping deal, make sure to constantly remind it to your visitors. And nope, an announcement bar saying “FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS” isn’t enough.

If your customer is currently on the product page, make sure that “FREE SHIPPING” is written in your product title and description.

If your customer is on the cart page, make sure the text under the total price is saying something about FREE SHIPPING and not the regular “shipping and taxes calculated at checkout” text.
This may cause a bit of confusion and you may lose a potential customer.

Same goes with every other deal - You have to basically show it to your customers in every place possible on your store!

Note: A Free Shipping deal may increase your conversion rate but it doesn't mean every product you launch must have free shipping.

In some cases, a small shipping fee which will reduce the original product price may convert much better than a higher product price + free shipping.

For example:
On some of our tests, a product price $19.99 + Free Shipping didn't convert as well when we changed the price to $16.99 + $2.95 shipping.

This small change lead to a big increase in our sales for this product! Testing is the name of the game here - Test both Free and Non-Free shipping and see what works best 😉

Note #2: We mostly run a Free Shipping discount on more expensive products ($40+).

Good Luck!

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